Some examples of Laura’s work.


Laura Haszard

My enamelled jewellery is made of vitreous glass fused to fine silver in a kiln at temperatures up to 800C. There can be as many as 20 firings of each layer of the glass to build up the level and to achieve the required depth of colour that I want to achieve. Some of the techniques such as cloisonné and champleve that I use in my enamelled jewellery have been around for centuries. Other techniques are more contemporary where the wire and fine silver balls are used as a design features, creating texture and 3D effects. In addition, gold and silver foil is used in some designs.  Colour and nature inspire me. The brilliance of the transparent glass on silver enables me to make enamelled jewellery that is a representation of things that I find beautiful.

My work can also be seen at the NSW Craft gallery at The Rocks, and also in Carmichaels Jewellers, Beecroft NSW.

Recent Art Exhibitions: Willoughby Art centre 2010, Arcadian Artists Exhibition 2011