Some examples of Allen’s work.


Allan Heywood

Allan Heywood’s work his been included in such Exhibitions as the International Exhibition of Enamelling Art, Tokyo JAPAN; International Exhibition of Miniature Art, Toronto CANADA; Guild of Craft Enamellers ENGLAND; Pacific Enamelling Symposium USA; "Focus on Fire" USA; "Kunstverein Coburg" Germany; And numerous Australian exhibitions including the Alice Craft Award, C.C.N.T., National Enamel Exhibition, Sydney; National Craft Acquisition Award, C.C.N.T, Wildlife Art Society of Australasia; and the Australian Society of Miniature Art Among others.


Mr. Heywood has been the recipient of many Awards, including GRAND PRIZE WINNER, Sixth International Exhibition of Miniature Art; 2nd Prize Third International Exhibition of  Miniature Art Toronto Canada; Joint Winner P. H. Wolfe Cloisonné Cup Guild of Craft Enamellers England; Winner of the Chairman's Rose Bowl for the Outstanding ExhibitGuild of Craft Enamellers England; 1st prize, open enamelling Special Prize; best metalwork exhibit Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, Australia; Inaugural C.A.S.C.A.W.P. award for cultural achievement in the visual arts Shire of Hampden Australia; 1st prize decorated metalwork, enamel Ian McIntyre Memorial Award Australian Natives Association Award.


Several of Allan Heywood’s works reside in the collection of the Museums & Art Galleries of the Northern Territory including "Waratah Plate” Alice Craft Acquisition, and "The Miraculous Ascension of Clianthus Formosus" National Craft Acquisition Award, Darwin. And additional works reside in collections in Australia, Bulgaria, West Germany, Spain, France, Italy, England, The Netherlands, Scotland, South Africa, the U.S.A., Japan, Israel and Canada. 


Allan Heywood has had a profound influence in the world of enameling through his exceptional original enamel works and his impeccable antique restoration work, as well as by authoring several comprehensive articles on enamelling techniques. As the creator and webmaster of one of the most informative websites about the art of enamelling on the World Wide Web he amassed a wealth of enameling and metal information.


I would offer that Allan Heywood is himself worthy of the sort of recognition he suggested for other exceptional enamelists who make consistent contributions. “National Treasure” would be a most fitting description for Allan considering his vast contribution to the field of enameling during his MANY years making exceptional original enamel work, and for his expertise in antique enamel repair. As well as for his generous sharing of enameling techniques, and for showcasing the works of so many artisans in field of metalsmithing and enameling on the World Wide Web. Allan Heywood is ONE OF A KIND – And He IS Sorely Missed!

Sharon Scalise


The enameling world has recently suffered the loss of one of its finest craftsmen. Allan B. Heywood Australian enameller, musician, writer, webmaster, Masters Tri-athlete, and resident of Skipton, Victoria, Australia passed away Tuesday 28th September 2010. Allan is survived by his two children Katherine and Chris. Allan was laid to rest in a characteristically practical, unique, and eco-minded way on October 4th 2010 in Camperdown in Western Victoria, Australia.