Australian Enamellers

Anastasia Vdovkina


I was born in Moskow, Russia in 1972.

When I was a child I loved to draw and paint all the time, but as I grew up I had no interest in becoming a professional artist. When I went off to college, art became just a hobby. 

My father, Nikolay Vdovkin, was a very accomplished interior designer, who became very interested in enamelling.

He studied enamel techniques in the Hungarian Symposiums among other great enamelists and in 1990 created his own studio in the Stavropolskiy region of Russia, where he lives and works.  Below are 3 of his enamel art work.

It was there in my father’s workshop, in 1993, that I fell in love with enamelling and made the decision to start my professional art education, with the help of my father.